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“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” ~Khalil Gibran

Relationship Communication.
Everyday Love Language Reality

We humans are blessed with the ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways. We are equally gifted at creating misunderstandings.  We don’t always have great skill or use a lot of finesse in our day-to-day relationship conversations.  We’re busy. Usually distracted or multitasking.  We like to get our way.  Compromise is often considered a “weakness”.  So, we usually are only half communicating—half listening, half understanding, half caring. 

Relationship Communication

Build Bridges Instead of Walls

Somehow it seems like we were getting along just fine until we hit a brick wall.  Now what?  We need to recognize we’re both on the same team.  Our opposition is the misunderstanding, not each other.  We need to learn to “fight well”.  What is most personal and unique to each of us is often the very thing that when we share and express it, speaks most deeply to others.  Easier said than done.

  • How do we practice right, loving speech, especially when we need to say the tough stuff and have a hard conversation?
  • How do we speak our truth clearly and compassionately while staying open-minded, not getting trapped or tripped up by assumptions and expectations?
  • How can we make misunderstandings more tangible so that we can recognize what the other person is seeing and feeling that is different from ourselves and where we might meet in the middle?
  • How can we create a safe shared space that builds commonality and connection and also increases our capacity to hold differences?
  • How can we grant someone else the same attentiveness we wish for ourselves?
  • How do we improve relationship communication?
relationship communications

Why the Conversation Block™?

Keeping relationships alive takes work, time and attention, and it’s totally worth it!  This is exactly why we created the Conversation Block™ method.

It helps each individual stay focused, grounded and anchored by a shared reality while promoting a safe, open space for each to explore, even appreciate, our differences. It helps us stay connected to each other by uncovering the nuances and layers underneath the conversation’s surface.  It balances the ego with heart wisdom and transforms blocked conversations into the seeds of closeness and genuine intimacy. It also builds our ability and capacity to hold differences and dissonance.

Plus, it’s a conversation piece—a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art to grace your space and tangible reminder of the importance of building bridges together. Conversation Block™.  The Art of Conscious Communication™.

“We share such a beautiful world. If nothing else, may we always find commonality and conversation on that basis.”  ~Melanie Charlene