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Anyone can use the Conversation Block™. Generally, it works best with two people—whether that’s a romantic couple, roommates, siblings, friends or coworkers. It helps if you have a growth orientation and see relationships as opportunities to grow individually and deepen as a couple, friends, partners or colleagues.

The Conversation Block™ is an educational and relational tool to help you facilitate healthy, meaningful and productive communication. It can also be used to help resolve conflict in an intense or acute argument or quarrel, by getting you unstuck.

The Professional version is made for psychotherapists, counselors, and educators to include in their therapy practices with clients and students.

First, it’s beneficial to gain agreement or willingness to try this new approach with your partner, rather than springing it on them as your “fix it” tool. 

Next, clearly identify the issue you’d like to discuss—in the beginning it may be helpful to narrow your focus. Over time, once you’ve got the hang of using it together, your conversations can wander and you can connect to multiple topics and points of hurt, misunderstanding or conflict.

Set aside some quiet, quality time where both of you can be present without a lot of distraction. Come to the discussion as centered as you can be, keeping in mind that if it’s already a topic of conflict for both of you, underlying discomfort, pain and struggle are likely already present.  Honor whatever you are feeling and try to sit with it as it is, rather than pushing it away or making it into an even bigger deal.

Place the Conversation Block™ between you, with each other sitting facing each other on opposite sides. Begin with the first card set (the smaller size cards with the white background). Either draw them one at a time, or array them around the block.  Take a moment to examine the cards and select a few you can personally work with—those that speak to you and help you get into a more conscious, aware state of mind.  Each person may find different cards speak to them.  It is not necessary to have both parties use the same cards.  As the conversation continues, you may find you need to switch your attention and state of being, using different/additional cards from this set as an aid.  Be flexible and fluid, moving toward mindsets that serve you best as your conversation progresses.

If at some point in the discussion, you feel stuck, are having difficulty overcoming barriers that have surfaced, or you and your partner are at an impasse, begin using the second set of cards (the larger cards with the blue-green background).  Each person draws one card at a time and decides if it is something you are willing to explore. If so, use the card to try to shift your perspective, increase your connection, gain shared understanding, and/or get unstuck.  If you can tell right away that the card you’ve drawn is not suitable for you at this point in time, put it back into the deck (on the bottom) and redraw.

The Conversation Block™ method was purposely created to be flexible so that you and your partner can personalize it, work within its framework, and make it your own.  Be curious and figure out how to make the method best suit your personal communication styles, topics at hand, intensity of your disagreements, and personal choices.

We recommend that it not be used to prove your point, dig in your heels, increase your opposition to each other, or amplify aggression or violence. In other words, even if you feel like throwing it at the other person, please don’t! 

The goal is to recognize you’re both on the same team.  Your opposition is the misunderstanding, not each other.  It should help both practice The Art of Conscious Communication™:

  • Practice right, loving speech, even when you need to say the tough stuff and have a hard conversation
  • Speak your truth clearly and compassionately while staying open-minded, not getting trapped or tripped up by assumptions and expectations
  • Make misunderstandings more tangible so that you can recognize what the other person is seeing and feeling that is different than you and where you can meet in the middle
  • Create a safe shared space that builds commonality and connection, while increasing your capacity to hold differences

Conversation Block™ products may be returned within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase, in the original packaging, with all elements of the fully packaged set. Your refund will be made on the credit or debit card used for purchase.

If your product was defective or damaged when you received it, you can send it back and we can exchange it. 

To initiate a return or exchange, you must first notify us by email of your intent to return and reasons for doing so.

To protect all our customers and make sure that we handle every return with reasonable fairness, we cannot accept a return (even within 30 days of purchase) in certain situations including:

  • Products damaged by misuse, abuse, improper care or negligence, or accidents (including pet damage)—this excludes any damage that occurred during initial shipping from us to you
  • Products showing excessive wear and tear
  • Products lost or damaged due to fire, flood, or natural disaster
  • Products that have been defaced, soiled or contaminated
  • Products not returned in their original packaging with all blocks/cards included
  • Products returned without proof of purchase

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