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How it Works

Built by Hand. The proprietary Conversation Block™ cube and method, built in psychology, relationship theory and communication science are purposely designed to help you stay in your own seat of consciousness—awake, present and centered in your highest truth.

To Live A Full Life, We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong.

Because each side of the Conversation Block™ is stained a different color, when sitting on opposite sides of it, both parties see different things. Of course, sitting opposite each other may be interpreted literally or metaphorically as in opposite sides of an argument.

Even so, both people can see the top of the cube and this is the beginning of finding commonality and creating a shared understanding. What colors do you see? Yet this too has nuance—someone might say red, another might call it wine, someone else might refer to it as burgundy. Those are the shades of creating a shared understanding.

Relationship Communication

From this vantage point, each person can also see two of the six sides

In other words, unless both parties are sitting in the same place, their view is different. And even then, no two people ever see the same thing exactly in the same way. This enables further exploration around where there are differences of opinion or ideas that are uniquely yours that are not visible to the other person.

Of course, no one sees the bottom facet. This represents the hidden or unspoken aspects of conversations that are often overlooked, avoided or uncomfortable. Though unseen or unspoken, this absolutely affects both parties. It reminds us to keep an inquisitive mind—to stay curious—and to delve further into unknown territory together. Or if you prefer another interpretation, it’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about!

Each handcrafted Conversation Block™ Includes

A proprietary method of using it most effectively, including two sets of cards to encourage conversationalists to celebrate differences while finding common ground:

1st Set of Cards

Includes words that describe the state-of-mind most conducive to facilitating mutual understanding, relationship growth and deep connectedness to help guide and enable users to access their highest state

2nd Set of Cards

Includes insightful questions and phrases to help move through barriers and get you unstuck