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The Professional Conversation Block™ is specifically designed for use by professionals in psychotherapeutic and educational settings. Psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and educators will find it particularly useful for developing awareness and insight with their clients and students. Informed by scientific research on intimate relationships, with a focus on communication theory, it offers a method for generating desirable/beneficial change.

Using the Professional Conversation Block™ can help manage conflict, gain common ground, and increase the capacity to acknowledge and respect differences between partners/intimates.  Endorsed by Carole Clements, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University, the Conversation Block™ is a new and effective educational and relational tool to help you facilitate healthy, meaningful and productive communication amongst your clientele.

With your expert guidance, the Conversation Block™ process helps users:

  • Maintain an open, aware & engaged state-of-mind
  • Get unstuck through suggested phrasing & alternative language
  • Move away from fixed perspectives & assumptions
  • Elicit internal guidance and wisdom, which is difficult to access when emotionally overwhelmed or distressed
  • Practice feeling vulnerable and trusting at the same time
  • Toggle between tangible and conceptual frameworks

The Professional Conversation Block™ process integrates several different therapeutic approaches and techniques:

Communication analysis

Since no two people are exactly the same, no one sees the world the same way. Communication is a skill that requires conscious effort. The Professional Conversation Block™ can help identify and alleviate misunderstandings and guide couples toward more functional forms of communicating the tough stuff. 

Gottman approach

Built into the Professional Conversation Block™ process are prompts to help users resolve conflict when they feel like they’re at an impasse. Alternate phrasing, questions and suggestions are included to help them gain a new perspective on the situation and get unstuck. Working with the Professional Conversation Block™ process helps users state their needs, turn towards their partner’s bids for connection, and create shared meaning. 

Narrative therapy 

The six facets of the Professional Conversation Block™ tangibly and metaphorically provide a framework to help users view their problem from different angles. It helps bring to light interpretations, assumptions and expectations that otherwise remain hidden—and write new scripts.

Enhancing intimacy to promote closeness / Relationship therapy 

The Professional Conversation Block™ helps users hold a paradox of safety and vulnerability at the same time. It acknowledges and visibly demonstrates that each partner is communicating differently which can help to resolve issues. Partners learn that disagreements aren’t signs of concern but are normal occurrences in relationships that can be resolved through communication. It enables the creation of a closer bond by helping them work together to find a solution, rather than seeing each other as the problem. 

Making relationships and individuals more resilient

The Professional Conversation Block™ process helps therapists teach couples how to make relationships more resilient by increasing their capacity to acknowledge and respect differences. While common ground and harmony are critical to satisfying relationships, so too is the ability to be adaptable and resilient.  

Importantly, the Professional Conversation Block™ is flexible. It can be adapted to your clinical approach and philosophy. Create new cards, or tailor an approach to satisfy the particular needs and growth edges of your clientele. Use it in session, or assign as practice between sessions, to strengthen your clients’ agency and progress. 


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