If you’re reading this now, a big warm congratulations to you!  Not only did you grit through a year where the world was flipped on its head, you’re taking time to read a blog centered around conversation, mental health and relationships. Thus, your intentions are set in the right place.  

This year has certainly given all of us time to become more aware of our own mental states and how they’re affected by those around us. Conversation Block™ was made so that individuals and couples could address the not-so-pretty parts of those mental states. For many, we’ve been forced to awaken unconscious states. With positive intent this has put us in a position where we must find a deeper understanding so that our relationships are met with less stress and more fulfillment. This is the momentum we want to continue to build going into 2021.

However, the awareness and conversations are the initial steps.  Without action, we are just giving hopeless energy, are let down or are left repeating patterns without real change. To uphold yourself, and your partner, we must ensure that our intentions and words and take action. 

Put it on Paper

There is a real intention in making Conversation Block™ an art piece for your home. It’s there to serve as a reminder. Whether you’ve used the tool to finally put a tough topic to rest, open up conversations that go deeper than the weather, or it’s used as time-out from technology; the conversations mean nothing if they’re forgotten the next day.

Instead, find a small notebook where you and your partner can jot down important things that were said to each other. You may find it useful to take notes about your state of mind prior to using the tool and after. When you’ve overcome something together, write down your promises to each other, date it and sign it.  This way, you’ll both avoid misconstrued intentions, and your words won’t fade. 

Start Acting Right Now

We are creatures of habit. As much as we want to bring our full intention, awareness, and complete will into each moment, we often fall into a default state of mind. The good news is that our brains are malleable and a true desire to obtain a better relationship, goal, or lifestyle, we can replace old habits that block us from obtaining what we want.

Often the problem lies when we think we need to wait until all of our ducks are in order. “Once I get X, I will start doing this for myself.” “If my partner follows through with Y, I will then uphold my side of the bargain.” Forgot the rules and be a leader. Create the relationship you want (with others and yourself), realize your timelines start at this moment, and don’t stop until you’re proud. 

Reflect Alone and Together

The benefits of putting blocks in your schedule to reflect and note the progress toward your goals is key. Some prefer re-centering themselves or sweating it out over Pilates, others find journaling their thoughts useful.  Always look for the truth in what you want and what you are doing to get there. 

Also, ask your partner to hold you accountable. Whether you share the same goal or find it a challenge, make a bet on it, or at least promise to encourage one another no matter what. Your partner can be the one that helps you make sure you don’t cut your dreams short. Use the journal in concert with Conversation Block™ to track your intentions and reflect how you’ve upheld those promises. Never stop finding ways to improve.  

We can too easily get overwhelmed by the chaos of everything going on around us. Remember to stay centered and focused by going within. Observe your thoughts, write them down, chase down your curiosity, and never underestimate the power of connecting with others. Go into the new year with the intent to bring the light inside of you to as many new people as you can. Stay in the moment and use it as you wish to execute on the things that will get you to your bliss.

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